Cosmetic, Toiletries & Personal Hygiene

Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream (Herbal) Skin Rejuvenator (Collagen Cream / Lotion)
Anti-Stretch marks gel (Herbal) Herbal Vaginal Gel
Body Scrub Herbal Vaginal Wash
Cleansing milk Pearl Whitening Face wash
Face wash Anti-dandruff shampoo (Herbal)
Sunscreen Lotion / Cream Hair conditioning cream
Hand & Body lotion Toothpaste (Teeth whitening - Charcoal Based)
Fairness Cream Brushless shaving cream
Foot / Heel Crack cream Shaving Cream
Herbal Shampoo All purpose cream
Anti-Lice Shampoo (Herbal) Shower Gel
Mouthwash (Chlorhexidine Based) Herbal Massage Cream
Anti-wrinkle cream (Wheatgrass Cream) Hair Gel
Anti-ageing Cream (Aloe Vera + SOD) Herbal Cold Cream

NOTE: Products not listed above are available on request.
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