Finished Dosage Form

Paclitaxel for Injection 30mg, 100mg, 260mg, 300mg
Doxorubicin for Injection 10mg, 50mg
Epirubicin for Injection 10mg, 50mg
Gemcitabine for Injection 200mg, 1gm
Irinotecan for Injection 40mg, 100mg
Etoposide for Injection 100mg/5ml
Letrozole Tablet 2.5mg
Cyclophosphamide for Injection 200mg, 500mg, 1gm
Hydroxyurea Capsule 500mg
Oxaliplatin for Injection 50mg, 100mg
Capacetabine Tablet 500mg
L-Asparaginase for Injection 50mg, 100mg
Pemetrexed for Injection 100mg, 500mg
Fludarabine Tablet 10mg
Bortezomib for Injection 2mg
Temozolamide Capsule 20mg, 100mg, 250mg
Geftinib Tablet 250mg
Tamoxifen Tablet 10mg, 20mg
Imatinib Mesylate Capsule 100mg, 400mg
Bleomycin for Injection 15units
Fluorouracil Injection 250mg, 500mg
Cisplatin for Injection 10mg, 50mg
Carboplatin for Injection 150mg, 450mg
Zoledronic acid for Injection 4mg
Docetaxel Injection 20mg, 80mg, 120mg
Anastrazole Tablet 1mg
Carmustine Injection 100mg
Pamidronate disodium Injection 30mg, 60mg, 90mg
Methotrexate Injection 15mg, 50mg
Methotrexate Tablet 2.5mg
Octreotide Injection 50mcg, 100mcg
Busulfan Tablet 2mg
Calcium Leucovorin Injection 15mg, 50mg
Bendamustine Injection 100mg
Melphalan Tablet 2mg
Chlorambucil Tablet 2mg
Lomustine Capsule 40mg

NOTE: Products not listed above are available on request.
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